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Chicago Cubs Tickets

You won’t regret it when you buy Chicago Cubs tickets and view the team playing at beloved Wrigley Field. Find affordable Chicago Cubs tickets, and you’ll have the opportunity to see an organization that has been in Chicago since 1876 and is now a member of the National League’s Central Division.

About Wrigley Field

Wrigley field is the oldest stadium still being used in the National League, having opened in 1914 and hosted the Cubs since 1916. All games had to be played during the day until 1988 when artificial lights were finally installed. Among the attractions of Wrigley are the ivy-covered outfield walls, which present an elegant and charming facade to players and guests alike. However, this feature occasionally interferes with game-play, and a ball that becomes lost in the ivy is considered a ground-rule double. Due to the unusual shape of the playing field and the winds that sometimes sweep in from Lake Michigan, balls in certain parts of the stadium bounce in weird and unpredictable directions to the consternation of fielders. All these unique features contribute to making Wrigley Field popular among holders of Chicago Cubs game tickets.

Chicago Cubs Over the Years

The Chicago Cubs were first called the White Stockings, the Colts and the Orphans before adopting their current name in 1903. By whatever name they were called, the franchise has certainly accumulated its fair share of postseason triumphs, but most of them happened long ago. Their two World Series trophies were earned all the way back in 1907 and 1908. They have collected 16 National League pennants, but the last one was in 1945. At least they’re still competitive at the divisional level, having won the Central division in 2003, 2007 and 2008 and qualified for wild card spots in 1998 and 2015.

MLB Chicago Cubs tickets make a fine present for yourself or for any other baseball fan you know. By heading online to get your Chicago Cubs tickets, you can spare yourself the hassle of trying to acquire them in person.