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Colorado Rockies Tickets

Since 1993, the Rockies have been entertaining baseball fans in the Denver area who possess the wisdom to buy Colorado Rockies tickets. The expansion club competes in the National League West division as they have done since their founding. Colorado Rockies tickets are what you’ll need if you intend to enter Coors Field and take a break from your busy life by watching a ballgame.

Coors Field: a Batter’s Paradise

Coors Field is known as one of the most hitter-friendly arenas in Major League Baseball, so there’s a greater than usual chance of seeing a high-scoring game when you arrive with your Colorado Rockies game tickets. The reasons for this, despite the fact that the outfield area is the largest of any ballpark, lie in the elevation of the stadium, 5,200 feet above sea level, and the lack of humidity. Both factors contribute to the smooth passage of baseballs through the air, causing many drives that would be fly outs in another park to instead sail over the fences for home runs. During the years 2012 through 2015, the Rockies led the league in runs scored at home while finishing in last place for number of runs scored while away.

Colorado Rockies Overview

The Rockies’ sole appearance in the World Series came in 2007 when they earned a wild card place, swept the Philadelphia Phillies and then did the same to the Arizona Diamondbacks to scoop the pennant. They were shut out in their turn four games to zero in the Fall Classic by the Boston Red Sox. The only other times they’re made the postseason were in 1995 and 2009. In both years, they qualified through the wild card system but failed to proceed any further. Still, they can be reasonably proud of what they’ve accomplished in just over two decades in the big leagues.

The prices for Colorado Rockies tickets are certainly within almost everyone’s budget particularly if you opt for a seat in the center field “Rockpile” section. Watching on TV in fine for some folks, but others simply have to visit Coors Field in person with their MLB Colorado Rockies tickets.