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Detroit Lions Tickets

The Detroit Lions which are part of the NFC North Division originated in Portsmouth, Ohio. At that time it was an independent football team and was known as Portsmouth Spartans. In 1930 this team was given full NFL membership and it relocated to a bigger city, Detroit, Michigan in 1934. The name was changed to Detroit Lions and with the change in name came a lot of success. The Lions were able to win their first NFL title in 1935, the team continued the winning performance and as a result, the Lions were able to win additional titles in 1952, 1953 and 1957. This is regarded as the golden era for the team, and it was extremely difficult for the fans to buy Detroit Lions tickets at that time.

Since their last victory in 1957, the Lions experienced the worst NFL championship drought ever. Even in these tough times, the Detroit Lions fans never left the team alone, they continued on purchasing Detroit Lions game tickets and coming to the Ford Field Stadium to support their team.


Although the Detroit Lions have been able to win only four league championship, the fans are hopeful that the team will come out of the bad patch and will repeat the 1950s history. The Detroit Lions have yet to mark their first ever Super Bowl win and fans are hopeful that this year their team might give them a big surprise. So, make sure to purchase your NFL Detroit Lions tickets and go to the Ford Field Stadium this season to support the boys. There are plenty of sites from where you can buy cheap Detroit Lions tickets