Is Ticketsware safe?
Absolutely; all the event tickets listed on Ticketsware are guaranteed to be legitimate and valid for event entry.
What are the terms for using Ticketsware?
Please visit the following URL to read the terms and policies of using Ticketsware.com
Why is the price I paid for my tickets higher/lower than the price listed on the tickets?

The numerous sellers who list tickets through Ticketsware are re-selling tickets to popular entertainment events. This means that they are also re-pricing the tickets concerned based on their perception of an event’s popularity. The prices of event tickets on our website will therefore by independent of the face value of the tickets concerned - usually greater in value.

The mark-up in ticket prices on the resale market is designed to cover the numerous expenses incurred by sellers to obtain hard-to-get event tickets. These sellers pay face value plus additional fees and/or have fee-paying memberships in special fan clubs that allow for wide ticket access. Some ticket sellers even pay their own mark-up fee by buying tickets from other resellers rather than from direct ticketing sources.

The basic purpose of the resale market is to keep tickets on the market longer than they'd normally be available for purchase. The added markup in price is what prevents event tickets from being bought up too quickly and thus what keeps them accessible even a few weeks (or, indeed, hours) before the event. The sellers from whom customers purchase thus charge a convenience fee for accessing the tickets (rather like how Macy's or Stop-in-Shop marks up product prices by making it more convenient for people to access other company's shoes and other company's milk). It’s also true that event promoters often hold back large numbers of tickets from public sale and instead distribute or sell those tickets exclusively to connected groups - industry insiders, fan clubs, business partners, and so forth. Ticket-selling agencies pay good money to gain entry to such exclusive ticketing channels so that they can access special tickets and offer them to the public at large.

The overall idea of the secondary ticket market is to make ticket-buying more convenient for customers by allowing ticket purchases to be more widely accessible and by giving customers more options when it comes to buying event tickets.

When will my tickets be shipped?

Ticket deliveries vary extensively event-to-event, ticket-to-ticket, and seller-to-seller. Sellers will nevertheless ship your tickets as soon as they receive them in their office.

The reason ticket shipment isn’t guaranteed immediately after you place an order is because some tickets are not printed and/or distributed by event promoters until a few weeks prior to their event. These tickets then have to make their way to the ticket seller (or perhaps to the ticket seller through yet another supplier) before they are sent out to you.

The above realities mean that tickets are not guaranteed to ship immediately, but will definitely get to you before the event itself. You can always contact your ticket supplier directly if you have any questions or concerns about ticket delivery. (Ticketsware doesn’t immediately possess shipping information for your tickets because we don't own any tickets ourselves. Nevertheless, please let us know if you have any problems contacting your seller.)

At Ticketsware, we realize that many people are anxious about receiving their ticketsso we have done our best to create an email structure that keeps you well informed of your tickets’ delivery status.

Thus, you will receive an email…

  • If your ticket shipment is delayed.
  • When a FedEx tracking number is created for your order.
  • When your tickets ship.
  • When your tickets are delivered.

Can I order tickets the same day of an event and, if so, how?

You can only access tickets the same day of an event if the tickets can be set up for local pickup, will call, or email. “Local pickup” means that you will pick up the tickets at a location local to the venue. “Will call” means that you will pick up the tickets at the box office of the venue roughly an hour before the show (or game). “Email” means that the tickets will uploaded in PDF format to our secure system for you to download and print. Some ticket sellers even choose to send tickets via “courier” (very rare) or perhaps even ship the tickets (time permitting).

Why is someone else's name on my tickets?
The name on a customer’s ticket will be the name of a representative from the seller’s office who initially purchased the ticket from a primary ticketing source. This means that your name will not be located on any ticket that you buy through Ticketsware. Please nevertheless note that the naming issue will not affect your ability to access the event. The bar code on a ticket is the sole factor that determines whether the ticket is valid for event entry. (Names don’t impact event attendance or else people wouldn’t be able to give away tickets as gifts to friends or family.)
How do sellers ship event tickets?
The various sellers who list tickets on our website ship tickets via FedEx due to security and customer service concerns. Tickets, like money, are one-of-a-kind items that often can’t be reprinted or replaced if lost in the mail. The speedy and secure delivery provided by FedEx ensures that tickets will arrive promptly after they are shipped. (Please note that FedEx shipping doesn’t mean tickets will necessarily ship immediately after an order is placed. FedEx shipping speeds only refer to the speed at which you will receive tickets after the tickets themselves are shipped.)
What is an E-Ticket?
E-Tickets are printed on paper, unlike hard tickets which are printed on cardstock. These paper tickets will have a barcode and will be valid for entry into an event.
What if the event is cancelled?
Cancelled events (including never-played sporting events) entitle customers to a full refund (minus shipping) of their order total. Customers should contact their ticket seller directly for further information about any proposed refund. (Ticket sellers are the ones who charge customer credit cards and thus are responsible for refunds.) Please note that some sellers may require customers to return any provided tickets before a refund is issued.