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Indianapolis Colts Tickets

The Colts joined NFL in 1953 as Baltimore Colts since they were based in Maryland at that time. Later on, the team relocated to Indianapolis in 1980 and was known as the Indianapolis Colts. Although he initial period in Indiana was not very impressive for colts but the team kept on working hard and making changes in the field, as a result they were able to record their first win in AFC East in 1987 followed by consecutive playoff appearances in 1995 and 1996. Indianapolis matches are always full of action and you can expect excellence in every match they play, this is the reason Indianapolis Colts game tickets are always in great demand.

In 1998 the legendary quarterback Peyton Manning was drafted in the team, he eventually led the Colts to their first ever Super Bowl victory over Chicago Bears in 2006. This was their first winning performance since their relocation to Indianapolis. Although they were able to make yet another Super Bowl appearance, but this time they lost to New Orleans Saints by a close margin. Their first-ever Super Bowl victory earned them a great reputation and increased their fan base manifolds. These die-hard fans do not miss any chance to watch their boys win matches and make history, this is the reason NFL Indianapolis Colts tickets are always hard to find.

As members of the AFC South, Indianapolis Colts have won several division and league championships and they have proved to be an unstoppable force when they get in the rhythm. The fans are expecting the team to snatch the Super Bowl victory yet another time and this is the reason they are buying Indianapolis Colts tickets and not taking any chances. If you want to witness professional football at its pinnacle, do not forget to buy Indianapolis Colts tickets to experience Colts football first hand.