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Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets

After a long stint in Brooklyn, NY, the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles, where anyone who wants to can buy Los Angeles Dodgers tickets and observe a game at Dodger Stadium. Originally part of the now defunct American Association, the team jumped over to the National League where they now inhabit the West Division. Search online for your Los Angeles Dodgers tickets now, because the sooner you do so, the sooner you’ll get to see the Boys in Blue.

What Is a Dodger?

Many people have scratched their heads over the years wondering what person, place or thing could have possibly inspired the name “The Dodgers.” The answer lies in the team’s early years in Brooklyn. In the 1890s, the City of Brooklyn – separate from New York City at that time – installed a dangerous electrified trolley system that caused many injuries. Sports writers joked that the starting nine had to dodge trolleys to get to the ballpark, and they were thus referred to as Dodgers. This is an example of the whimsical nature of team names, which were unofficial and numerous back then. The Dodgers were also known as:

  • The Superbas
  • The Robins
  • The Bums
  • The Atlantics

As colorful as the club’s early history in Brooklyn was, owner Walter O’Malley moved them to Los Angeles after the 1957 season following a game of chicken with NYC officials about building a new stadium.

Dodgers Achievements

The Dodgers are somewhat unique among teams that have moved in that they’ve had considerable fortune in both of their cities. They won two World Series in Brooklyn and another four in Los Angeles to the satisfaction of devotees who purchased Los Angeles Dodgers game tickets. They’ve topped their league 13 times in their old city and nine times in their new. The L.A. Dodgers carried their division 14 times, including in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

When you buy MLB Los Angeles Dodgers tickets, you’ll get to sample the character and legends that have attached themselves to this venerable franchise. Purchase your Los Angeles Dodgers tickets over the Internet without delay.