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Milwaukee Brewers Tickets

The Milwaukee Brewers play at Miller Park and are a part of the National League’s Central Division. Buy Milwaukee Brewers tickets if you wish to see the team in all its glory, and you’ll be comfortable no matter what the weather is like because the roof at Miller Park can be opened or closed within 10 minutes. Milwaukee Brewers tickets will give you the opportunity to view the franchise that has been delighting local fans since 1970.

Expansion and Early Years

This organization originally entered baseball as an American League expansion franchise in Seattle called the Seattle Pilots, but the team fared poorly both on the field and off. It was declared bankrupt just a few days before the start of the 1970 season, but Bud Selig purchased it at the last minute through bankruptcy court proceedings. He then moved the team hastily to Milwaukee to begin operations as the Brewers. So frenetic was the move that there was no time to order new team uniforms, and they simply removed the old Pilots logo and stitched on the new Brewers logo. Unfortunately, the move didn’t cause the team to magically become better, and they spent much of the ’70s disappointing fans who bought Milwaukee Brewers game tickets by remaining near the bottom of the league.

Milwaukee Brewers ’80s to Present

The team seemed to have turned over a new leaf in the early 1980s, qualifying for the divisional playoffs in strike-shortened 1981 but losing to the Yankees for the pennant. In 1982, they continued their success and made it to the World Series, but they were defeated by the St. Louis Cardinals 4-3. Nothing else notable happened with the Brewers until 1998 when they changed from the American League to the National League. In 2008, they secured a wild card berth, and in 2011, the Brewers won their division, but they haven’t made it back to the World Series since their loss in 1982.

A day at the ballpark sounds like fun to many in the Milwaukee area, which is why Milwaukee Brewers tickets are so highly sought after. You can look online to find MLB Milwaukee Brewers tickets, which is a speedy and convenient solution.