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New York Mets Tickets

The scrappy, upstart rival to the more established Yankees organization, the New York Mets play in the National League East and began operations in 1962. Your New York Mets tickets will entitle you to take a seat at Citi Field in Queens for a relaxing game of baseball. Buy New York Mets tickets online today rather than fighting the lines at the stadium.

Early Years of the Mets

The New York Mets got off to an unfortunate start in their inaugural 1962 season when they lost their first nine games. The rest of the season didn’t fare much better for them, and they ended up with 120 losses and only 40 wins: a record number of losses for a 20th century MLB organization. Still, eager fans lined up in droves to purchase their New York Mets game tickets because they missed being able to see the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants, who had both moved away less than a decade before.

Miracle Mets

Six more years of lackluster performance came from the Mets, who didn’t manage to do better than .500 in any of them. The 1969 season looked to be more of the same, but then the team went on a tear, winding up with a record of 100-62, good enough for the divisional championship. The Mets’ first appearance in the post-season was also their first World Series victory as they blew past the Atlanta Braves for the AL pennant and dispatched the Baltimore Orioles in the Fall Classic. Former manager Casey Stengel dubbed the squad “The Amazin’ Mets,” and they are also sometimes called “The Miracle Mets” for this display of unexpected prowess. In the years since, the Mets have picked up one more Series victory, four more NL pennants, five more divisional titles and two wild card berths.

Find your MLB New York Mets tickets at an attractive price for a date you’ll be free. Bring your New York Mets tickets to Citi Field, and you’ll get to enjoy the sight of pro ballplayers at their peak.