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Oakland Athletics Tickets

The Oakland Athletics are one of the founding members of the American League, although they weren’t based in Oakland at the time, and you can watch them contend for West Division glory when you buy Oakland Athletics tickets. You’ll head over to Oakland Alameda Coliseum with your Oakland Athletics tickets at the ready and nestle cozily into your seat as the umpire yells, “Play ball!”

Oakland Athletics Backstory

There were many Philadelphia teams named the Athletics throughout the latter half of the 19th century in various leagues, both amateur and professional. It therefore came as no surprise when the American League started a team with that same name in 1901. The franchise has moved around a couple of times, playing in the following cities:

  • Philadelphia (1901-1954)
  • Kansas City (1955 - 1967)
  • Oakland (1968 – present)

Notable Oakland Athletics Achievements

Fans who obtained MLB Oakland Athletics tickets have certainly been able to watch more than their fair share of postseason play. The A’s hold nine World Series titles, four of which came after the move to Oakland. In addition, they won the AL pennant nine times pre-Oakland and six times since. Tote up a further 16 division titles and two wild card qualifications for the team in green and gold.

Oakland Athletics Moneyball

In order to compete successfully against clubs in larger cities, like New York and Los Angeles, the management of the Oakland Athletics developed a collection of front-office strategies in the late ’90s, which have been further refined over the years. This novel approach was documented in the book “Moneyball” by Michael Lewis. Moneyball techniques include investing heavily in the farm system, signing players whose skills are undervalued according to traditional baseball statistics and releasing star players when their salaries get too high. The application of these methodologies has kept the Athletics competitive while holding payroll within the means available to a team in a smaller market.

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