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Philadelphia Phillies Tickets

The Philadelphia Phillies are the professional American sports team with the longest amount of time in continuous operation in the same city with the same name. This means that with your purchase of Philadelphia Phillies tickets, you’ll be partaking in an unbroken chain of history that reaches back all the way to the 19th century. Get your MLB Philadelphia Phillies tickets today, and watch them compete in the National League East division at Citizens Bank Park.

An Accomplished Franchise

Among the accolades earned during their more than 130-year history, the Philadelphia Phillies picked up World Series victories in 1980 and 2008 along with a total of seven National League pennants. In addition, they have won their division 11 times. Among the notable players to have graced the field for the Phillies are Hall of Famers Richard Ashburn, Steve Carlton and Mike Schmidt.

Philadelphia Phillies Culture

As a long-time fixture in Philadelphia, the Phillies have fostered their own individual culture in the local area. Baseball is a serious pastime for Phillies fans, and their actions at times have belied their identity as residents of the City of Brotherly Love. Large crowds of Phillies supporters are known for their unruliness, frequently booing visiting players and even, on occasion, members of their own team. In past decades, they engaged in many fistfights and riots although this behavior seems to have toned down in recent years. The team’s mascot, the Philly Phanatic, is popular with the public and is often considered the best mascot in baseball. You’ll be able to sample this idiosyncratic culture when you obtain your Philadelphia Phillies game tickets.

Get Philadelphia Phillies tickets into your hands, and prepare to hear a replica Liberty Bell ring every time the Phillies hit a home run. A ballgame at Citizens Bank Park promises to be filled with entertainment, so buy Philadelphia Phillies tickets over the internet today.