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San Diego Padres Tickets

Once you buy San Diego Padres tickets, you’ll be able to set foot in Petco Park in anticipation and glee. The Padres have been based in San Diego from the time of their creation as an expansion team in 1969. Back this hometown favorite by getting your hands on San Diego Padres tickets, and encourage them to triumph over their adversaries in the National League West division.

San Diego Padres: Turbulent Record

As is usually the case with expansion franchises, the San Diego Padres spent some time getting their act together, but nobody foresaw quite how rocky the road would turn out to be. They ended up dead last in their first six years, losing more than 100 games in four of them. During the next decade after that, they never made it higher than fourth out of the six teams in their division.

In 1984, the Padres won their first league pennant, which came as an unexpected, yet welcome, surprise to those who had invested in MLB San Diego Padres tickets. Though they’ve had their ups and downs in the years after 1984, they never again faced such a terrible period as they did before 1984. They haven’t yet prevailed at the World Series, but they did win their league twice and their division five times.

San Diego Padres Personalities

The Padres haven’t ever been what you could consider a staid organization. Roy Kroc, founder of McDonald’s, bought the club in 1974 and immediately caused controversy by grabbing a microphone and apologizing to the crowd for the performance of the players. Kroc said, “I have never seen such stupid ballplaying in my life.”

Broadcaster Jerry Coleman covered Padres games for more than 40 years and was known for taking a very creative interpretation of the English language. He has said, “[He] may not be hurt as much as he really is,” in reference to an injured player and, “He slides into second with a stand up double.” Of course, the team also featured several individuals renowned for their on-field prowess, including Tony Gwynn and Dave Winfield, who have both entered the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Step into Petco Park with your San Diego Padres game tickets, and you’ll hear a whistle sound and see fireworks go off every time they hit a home run. San Diego Padres tickets come in a wide array of types and prices, so you’re sure to find ones that catch your attention online.